Dreaming a shadow – 18 September 2016 – 14th Dream

11 thoughts on “Dreaming a shadow – 18 September 2016 – 14th Dream”

      1. Hai ragione, purtroppo accade spesso, come se il sogno mi facesse dei dispetti, come per farmi scoprire da solo il seguito…
        I sogni li considero come enigma con risposte celate, qualche volta riesco a scovare le risponde, altre no…

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    1. Very kind of you to write an interesting comment.

      Sometime i tried to interpret my dreams, but very often they are really too much details, it always gave me confusions, so sometime i simply let them live, like a stream, like a watching a story…

      But now, it have passed many years, I have discovered really interesting things, which I will share them in other moment :]…

      I don’t think that you noticed but I’m deaf, so I think it might be a one characteristic which it make my dreams more “vivid” visually, or maybe not, or my soul or my mind are just more receptive and deeper, who knows, but my researches will continue no stop…

      Thank you again

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