Fear of living

11 thoughts on “Fear of living”

    1. Oh, I just wrote to you right now :]

      Anyway yes, is not a mystery that the high society doesn’t want that the people start to awake, for this doesn’t exist an education into schools about ourselves.

      Let’s keep fight to improve the society which we are sharing our lives :]

      Thank you for commenting, I appreciate that so much


  1. there is such instruction available online. reputable esoteric instruction is available from: 1) the school for esoteric studies, 2) the arcane school, 3) the theosophical society, 4) the builders of the adytum.
    these i know from my own experience. no doubt there are many more, as such information is now readily available online—but not yet in public schools. 🙏🏼

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    1. Thank you very much to have shared your informations here, for us.

      You said that you know these informations by your experience, how are these schools? because of course there are many fraud schools, how can we recognize them?

      And of course such thing it exist only in private way and only very few people know their existence and that possibility, for this I’m talking about the public schools, it can spread light and knowledge accessible to everyone, is not about magic or esoteric stuff, just let babies know themselves…

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    2. Thank you very much to writing again a comment here, very kind :]

      Anyway, I thought that if I fell disgust or anyway feeling bad, it always referring to me and to my emotions felt in very same moment, maybe due of anger, trauma, delusion, and so on…

      Isn’t that so?

      Thank you again

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  2. “So much worry and anxiety, for nothing, just useless and unfounded.”
    This hit home to me like death itself when I rolled my car in Montana with both my children. We all survived without lasting injury. I saw our lives spool before my eyes as I watched the car turn upside down and continue to move at great speed. It came to me like a very clear message, “You have wasted your life worrying for it to end like this?” This was about 22 years ago. It was the beginning of my life changing.

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    1. Thank you kind wayfarer

      I’m glad that you expressed your touchy and deep story.

      I’m sorry that you had a terrible accident with your family, but I want to say also that you had this opportunity to wake you up and improve better your life with different point of view.

      Now, are you feel better and improved tour life from that day of the accident?

      Sorry for my bad English

      Thank you again


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