Two dreams at the same time? – 21 December 2016  – 76th Dream

8 thoughts on “Two dreams at the same time? – 21 December 2016  – 76th Dream”

    1. Thank you for writing that comment dear

      I remembered that some weeks ago you told me that the deaf people are usually are poor to reading books, so i guessed that you know someone who is deaf like me :]

      My family is deaf too, but i don’t have much deaf friends or partecipate in some deaf community, it’s just because of my choice.

      What about your friend? Doesn’t she know some community where she can meet some deaf people?

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      1. No, her family is not deaf. She has to interact with the hearing world. Unfortunately, there aren’t any other deaf people around her.

        No, my reads all the time. If I see her today she will probably tell me what’s she’s reading. I don’t think deafness have anything to do with wealth. People need to let go of their prejudices.

        I don’t understand people having a problem with her. She’s a wonderful person. Has the soul of an angel. People often make me mad treating her as if her feelings do not matter because she’s deaf. She’s no weakling. She always call them up on their behavior. I wondered did you experience such horrible people a lot?

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      2. Sorry for my late answer

        Anyway, unfortunately me too I growth up in a world full of prejudges, when I was kid often the people told me that I couldn’t do what I like to do or approach some of my dreams, just because I’m deaf.

        In past often they considered me as a inferior and weak person.

        However fortunately now I gained big respect from everybody, because what I’m doing is great and original and they finally recognize it.

        But, I want everybody to stop with prejudges, because I’m feeling so bad about young people or children in whole world who is always psychologically violated and it’s very bad and some of them cannot resist this bad vibe and then have bad consequences into life.

        I really appreciate that you showed me your kindness and your sensibility, I’m so happy that you can see “special” people as normal people.

        Thank you again

        Serenity for you

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      3. Thanks for your reply. Special people are normal people. In some things like delicate details deaf or hard of hearing people run circles around others. Wish you well. I’m happy the prejudice against you didn’t’ stop you.

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