Is it useful to write in your personal blog? Why did you create it?

2 thoughts on “Is it useful to write in your personal blog? Why did you create it?”

  1. my blog exists because Shiva asked me to create a blog of my sadhana poetry so that i would intensify my spiritual practice. it has done that! i have no judgements about it nor expectations, but have been pleasantly surprised by the whole process. the biggest challenge is to detach from whether people “like” the blog post. the biggest blessing is the wonderful people i have met through it; so good to know there are so many people following alternate spiritual paths!

    regarding your blog, i would love to see more of what you make of your dreams, how they have inspired you & how they continue to offer you energy for your fulfillment. i also would like to know how japan came to be such a strong theme in your life.

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  2. Ho iniziato questo blog per un motivo pratico: condividere le lezioni che tenevo all’Università per la Terza Età del mio paese, soprattutto perché potessero leggerle quelli che non riuscivano a partecipare alle lezioni, cosa frequente, data l’età di tutti,
    Poi mi sono accorta che anche altri erano interessati e ho cominciato a provare piacere a interagire con i vari blogger. che ho incontrato qui

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